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Hardie Newton tending her garden

Consultations for all reasons... parties, celebrations, flowers you want to live with every day or just enjoying flowers for their creative potential... realizing their contribution to your daily joy... substantiating their gift of energy to you.

At Hardie Blossoms we solidify your flights of fancy! We will create flower arrangements for you or, best of all, encourage you to design on your own. We offer hands-on workshops to that end. Beyond that we create idea-sensitive demonstrations for groups or individuals. Frequenting arboretums, botanical gardens, garden club groups and women's organizations is one of our habits! We arrange flowers for conference centers, restaurants and country inns.

Our specialty is growing things: harmonious combinations, fresh interpretations for your garden spaces... annuals, perennials, the all important vines with shrubs and trees. Think of your textures and shapes or ask us!

Here are three questions to get you started on your new projects for spring:

  1. Do you want to plant annuals and perennials in the garden that coordinate with your interior colors?

  2. Do you want to combine shrubs and trees in your garden spaces which will eventually provide interesting materials for flower arranging?

  3. Or do you want to rearrange the existing elements in your garden?

Note: We consult on an hourly basis ($95).

To schedule a visit call Hardie Newton at (540) 923-4492.

Living areas comprise two main ingredients: the house and its surrounding property. Seasonal offerings of nature add to the harmony of both. Arranging furniture, paintings, and flowers inside welcomes the self and guests, as do attractive plantings and flowers on the outside. The two are extensions of one another.

Unexpected possibilities arise when we move into a new house, remodel a present dwelling or downsize into a smaller space. The same is true of the professional office setting. Sometimes the options and alternatives can be overwhelming. That is the time to call Hardie Newton (540) 923-4492 — chairman of the Main Street Madison Design Committee and author of Hardie Newton's Celebration of Flowers.

As a professional flower designer who teaches and lectures widely, my experience is one of creating new vistas in unexpected places. Coaxing seventeen houses and surrounding properties of my own into home-scapes was a necessity. I spent thirty-five years moving across oceans and continents from Hawaii to England.

You may have little furniture, too much furniture, a hopelessly overgrown garden or a bland palate. How to begin? Please ask for a one hour consultation ($95).

The goal is to encourage your love of the earth, stimulate your imagination and help to enfold you in a circle of contentment.

It's called harmony.

Hardie Newton