lowers heal our spirits. Whether we are kneeling to plant seeds in the warm spring soil, nurturing the seedlings as they emerge, or arranging the mature flowers in a chosen container, I believe that at  their core and ours, flowers speak to us in a unique way.

   They feed our souls with subtle energies, providing visual nourishment and irresistible scent. We place them on tables to enhance mealtimes and aid digestion. We eat them, bathe in them, and use them medicinally. They occupy a space on the hall table to welcome the self, as well as the guest. A nosegay by the bed is a last blessing for a good night's rest.

   In listening, watching, and surrendering to its joys, the earth will touch us with its rhythms and share the healing secrets of flowers, grasses, weeds, and trees.

   Flowers are a way of life. As a language, they and their cousins - vines, shrubs, and trees - awaken our consciousness on an elementary level. I like to think of flowers as the first creative art form, believing they were used by our ancestors to decorate caves and castles.